Thursday, October 13, 2005

the house to your right is gone.

i guess it already was.
My friend Jill at least found the time and inspiration to say it like I couldn't:

i'm not sure what is more selfish at this point, staying on my current path for fear that all the opportunities i'm taking advantage of will dry up, or shirking those (enjoyed) responsibilities in order to dedicate more time to nurturing something i fear has already died.i keep telling myself that i just need to learn how to budget my time better, but i've never been able to schedule being inspired. i feel the random idea and try to shove it into a pocket for later. but all i find once i've got pen and paper is lint and maybe sixth sense. i mean 6 cents.i find myself staring at the corner of the sofa, trying to eavesdrop on the conversations it clearly has been having with my cat for her to stare at it so intently....
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