Thursday, May 26, 2005

this morning the tiny grey feral kitten ventured onto our back porch, sipping rainwater from one of the terracotta plant saucers, frolicking about and generally torturing beringer and berkley who desperately wanted to go outside and play, or defend their territory or perhaps both.

tonight david, melissa, bethy, leah and i go to see an early cut of serenity. my sister and travis come into town tomorrow (which is ayesha's birthday), monday is memorial day and i leave on thursday for NY for book expo, where i'll hobnob with authors, meet a couple of foreign rights agents, scope out religion publishers, hang with bran and tara, meet suneel, and finally meet some of our freelancers face to face.

then later this month i have a spaghetti dinner to throw, father's day at the lake, then the 4th at my family's bayhouse. not to mention taking the GRE, pitching book ideas, working on acquiring essays for the lost anthology, etc.

this time of year is always crazy. it's good to have so much to look forward to in the short term.


the editorial director of the new yorker requested an advance review copy of revisiting narnia.
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