Monday, August 29, 2005

check out justin's livejournal from june 2001... my first real apartment. i shared it with two crazy film majors who loved getting drunk and singing magnetic fields. on occasion the captain would throw his laptop and torture the cat. he once strapped a naked barbie to a stake and set her on fire IN OUR HOUSE and filmed it for a school project. adrian cleaned the carpet and slept on the futon; we threw him one hell of a shindig on the roof of the inwood before he left us to francier places (where many many adventures were had...)

this was while i was selling my soul to AOL and figuring out how in the hell to be an adult. i soon started yoga, stopped smoking, and my best friend brandon moved to another state.

what a crazy, fun, jumbled amazing time.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

anyone ready to tell me it's okay?

this creepy suit is wearing me thin
i've got an office but it's much too small to let you in
i'm know the difference cause i'm different from them

and it's monday afternoon

last friday night i nearly touched the sky
my mind was lucid and my words were coming right on time
i had control of thought for the night

and it's monday afternoon
(monsday afternoon)

barstool venus she's wrapped up tight
one night with her
it would be alright
my eyes are blurry, she fades from sight

i'm percolating anticipating the the phone
the sun is shining, something about a thing
it keeps me safe, far away from the crowd

it's monday afternoon.


(lyrics by ian moore.)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

it seems that about once a week i feel like one of karma incorporated's victims.

today after waiting hours just to pay $150.00 for not changing my address the cop i'd been sitting next to and conversing with (along with a man whose brother prophesied that he would be a minister) regarding faith and meaning and the New Testament and such asked me out to dinner.

i'd just coughed up the dough (the district attorney cut me no slack) and was sitting in my hot car, digging through my bag because i thought i might have left my debit card inside when i saw the officer striding across the parking lot towards my car. oh shit, what did i do? then the gentleman (who must be a couple of decades older than me at least and has a generously-sized posterior) asked if he could ask me to dinner.


now i'm at work, furiously busy (except for this break to suck down some pepto and bitch for a few moments) and preparing for a meeting with a very cranky individual.

god, i need a vacation. the beach couldn't seem further away right now.
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