Sunday, March 06, 2005

no tea cozies without irony

my good lord: a craft site for hipsters. i now know where that chick in a frumpy-yet-somehow-hip sweater who's knitting in starbucks finds scarf patterns online!

actually, this is a really cool idea. anyone who's spent some time in a fabric store shudders at the thought of the cutesy grannyish nature of pretty much everything they sell.


there's a guy who spent 40+ hours embroidering the virgin mary on the front of a western snap shirt that he'd made. (he made a pattern based on one of those tall hurricane catholic candles). there are elvis costello-stenciled t-shirts, crazy toilet paper TV-modifiers, broken flower pots repaired with a hot glue gun and some pieces of a broken plate, tire gardens, dollar store sundials, etc etc.

craftster, i think i love you.
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