Friday, November 19, 2004

most people are so mired in the drama of their own narrative that they fail to see (or care) how it affects others. this particularly affects tight-knit communities like families.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

holy goodness

Christian Bahr (SMU 1998) named a "Jack Kerouac Writer in Residence" for summer 2004. Christian says: "The Kerouac Project of Orlando bought a home where Kerouac lived and wrote the book Dharma Bums while at the same time becoming famous (or infamous) for On The Road. This little 1920's Old Florida Cracker House has been renovated. Each year they invite four writers to each spend three months in the house alone. Rent and food are both paid for, and all the writer has to do, well, is write!"

Monday, November 08, 2004

some thoughts on jesusland

via an old mansfield acquaintance

Thursday, November 04, 2004

what now?

yesterday the answer was "go to the meridian room with daniel for half-price food". the place was packed, and each snippet of conversation i caught seemed to involve complaints about bush's win.

it's so good to have neighbors who can hit the pub with you.

later on i received a call from one justin canada, checking on me. i answered "i'm fine" but after a good bit of long distance bush-bashing, realized that i'm not quite. my hope suffered a huge blow yesterday.

despite this, i'm full aware that sinking into despair is not the right choice to make. vigilance, awareness and continued conversation are more important now that the right sees this as a mandate. time to care for myself and my friends and start thinking about the mid-term elections.

what's next for this cewek? a good day's work, buffy night, i'm going to clean my fridge goddamnit, snuggle berk and beringer, water my plants, mop the floor, read a book, resubscribe to salon, etc.

check out some other folks' election reactions here.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Iranian Nobel winner sues the US

Iranian Nobel Prize winner Shirin Ebadi is suing the US government for blocking publication of her memoirs.
She argues in her suit that restrictions on the publication of books by authors in countries subject to US sanctions are unconstitutional.

American companies are banned from publishing books by authors in Iran, Cuba and Sudan.

Ms Ebadi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year - the first Iranian and first Muslim woman to win the award....

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